The science and theory behind Subduction Zone Events is not that complicated and rooted in basic geography and astrobiology. The event is called Subduction Zones because hot springs are created from subduction zones from tectonic plate movement deep in the core of the earth. The latin term also refers to action of withdrawing, for us maybe from the hustle and bustle of society and reconnect with nature and community. Subduction Zone parties will focus the heat and energy back to our bodies, connecting our spirits with the most ancient reflections of our biological heritage, heat vents rising from the core of our earth.

Check out the Plate Tectonics Page for detailed science information about ring of fire, plate tectonics, subduction zones, volcanoes, hot spots and the birth of mountain ranges.


(Image: Keith-Wiess Geological Laboratories; Rice University)

A subduction zone is the area in which two oceanic plates collide creating an area of where one subdues the other. ”When two oceanic plates collide, the younger of the two plates, because it is less dense,* will ride over the edge of the older plate.” (Plate Tectonics) The birth of mountain ranges is the result of these massive continental plates colliding and one subduing the other.

“If a trench has flipped because of the arrival of a continent, and the newly subducted plate also carries a continent, a collision of land masses is unavoidable. When this happens, subduction terminates along the collision zone, the trench disappears, and the continents collide, resulting in the birth of a new mountain range.” (Plate Tectonics)

The pressure from this collision, also allows for the magma from deep within the earths core to find paths to the top, due to rising pressures during the birth of the new mountain range. These massive geologic events define and create the beauty we all enjoy and thrive in, especially the hot springs.

The Ring of Fire

The Ring of Fire

“Today, the ideas of sea-floor spreading and subduction explain clearly why so many of the world’s volcanoes are situated on the Pacific island arcs, the Ring of Fire, where earth’s tectonic plates are being subducted beneath deep ocean trenches.” (Plate Tectonics) The Rocky Mountains of Colorado provide a great example of this geological process, and Mt Princeton Hot Spring Resort provides the perfect opportunity and space for us all to enjoy the natural wonder rising from this earthly phenomenon.

Subduction Zones are thought to be the birth places for the origins of life, so subduction zone events immerse us in the celebration of the birth of life. “Scientists are exploring several possible locations for the origin of life, including tide pools and hot springs. However, recently some scientists have narrowed in on the hypothesis that life originated near a deep sea hydrothermal vent. The chemicals found in these vents and the energy they provide could have fueled many of the chemical reactions necessary for the evolution of life. Furthermore, using the DNA sequences of modern organisms, biologists have tentatively traced the most recent common ancestor of all life to an aquatic microorganism that lived in extremely high temperatures — a likely candidate for a hydrothermal vent inhabitant!” (Berkeley Evolution)


Star Party


Orion Nebula (Hubble 11 January 2006, 16:00)

Subduction Zone happens to fall on the first night of National Astronomy Week in the UK; and March 1st 2014 is a New Moon, creating the perfect conditions to have a star party! The Orion Nebula will be easily visible even in small telescopes. In honor of science and the fact that the founding females of the group met during their work on the New Horizons the Pluto, Student Dust Counter project at the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics at CU Boulder; and both continue to be involved in some kind of space science & technology careers it seemed fit for us to evolve the intentions of the party to include more science education and interaction during the main event, fusing our love of science, art, technology into one immersive evening. The high altitude, crisp night sky above the hot springs at Mt Princeton provide the perfect atmospheric translucency for a star party if there isn’t a major snow storm overcoming the continental divide, then the night sky will be a dazzling sight.


 Mt Princeton Geothermal

You may also want to check out the local geothermal project happening near Mt Princeton Hot Spring Resort. Its the first proposed geothermal energy plant in Colorado.