Subduction Zone 2014

Please join us for our inaugural event to be hosted at Mt. Princeton Hot Springs in Nathrop, CO, on March 1st, 2014. Anyone (16+) wanting to relax in the Springs, or dance by the Spa stage – all night long – while listening to long established artists bringing a chill downtempo vibe and visuals to knock your robe off, for an encompassing Mind Body Spirit rejuvenating experience.

Subduction Zone is an electronic music showcase hosted by a group of critically engaged hot spring enthusiast who love warm water, nature, music and community. The event will be called Subduction Zones because hot springs are created from subduction zones from tectonic plate movement deep in the core of the earth. The latin term also refers to action of withdrawing, for us maybe from the hustle and bustle of society and reconnect with nature and community. Subduction Zone parties will focus the heat and energy back to our bodies, connecting our spirits with the most ancient reflections of our biological heritage, heat vents rising from the core of our earth

The event will feature live P/A and Dj performances in the Spa house and on the decks of the hot springs, with access to the Spa House (locker rooms), Sauna, Steam room and Cold Plunge, the entire Spa Pool enclosed inside a huge inflated dome which will feature laser lighting and projections on the outside along the side where the Japanese soaking pools cascade down along the edge of the river. In the morning, Yoga & body workshops will help you relax, as we serve a healthy light fruit breakfast in the conference hall, atop the resort mountain overlooking Mt Antero in the morning sun.


>>>Official Lineup Announced<<<

Lux Moderna (CA)
Lux Moderna is a sonically-oriented alchemical priestess in service to ritual, performance and community. She is an artist that embodies and expresses her divine gifts in order to elevate others into their own embodiment of Truth. As a star rising on the West Coast, Lux has inspired and uplifted witnesses through her voice and her music at transformational festivals such as Lightning in a Bottle, Symbiosis Gathering: Pyramid Eclipse, Sonic Bloom, Burning Man and beyond. Lux consciously and artistically transmutes sound, light and consciousness into experiences of activation and resonance. She focuses her energy into electronic music production, singing, chanting, yoga, education and healing on all scales of existence. She specializes in bass music, mantra, ceremony design and facilitation, neuroscience, mythology, and alchemical art. Lux Moderna is dedicated to a conscious, heart-centered experiential approach to facilitating mass entrainment with the creative essence of the universe.


Clark Warner (CO)
Clark Warner of Ghostly International and Beatport has been djing since 1992 where he started his early career in Detriot as a resident dj at The Shelter, Zoot’s and Motor. He has played renoun festivals like Sonar, Mutek, DEMF/Movement, Decible, Tribal Gathering just to name a few. As noted on Beatports DJ profile for Clark, “An early Motown-radio influence coupled with a near-simultaneous rave-and-club cocktail helped to shape Warner’s style: full of heart and yet challenging to the listener, absolutely in tune with the moment and the pacing, full of atmosphere and energy. Call it radio-free meets radio-friendly.” (Beatport)

Warner’s DJ sets are only part of the story. In addition to working as a tour manager early on, Warner was instrumental in developing Plus 8 Records and (co-founding) Minus, working with Richie Hawtin, John Acquaviva, and some of techno’s most profound artists while helping produce legendary events. It’s this collective sensibility that led Warner to co-produce the Focus:Electronic monthly radio segment on WDET-FM in Detroit, acting as co-pilot in establishing electronic music’s most essential artists and sounds. (Beatport)

Crix Madine (CO)
Obliq & Lunar Lodge
Nathan Jantz (aka Crix Madine) has been creating and mixing sonic landscapes for over 18 years. Starting with the co-founding of the Obliq Recordings label in 1995, it has always been his intention to present music as experiences of the unexpected. For Nathan, it’s not about a music genre, but more about what could be a unique sonic experience for a given place and moment in time. Other past and present music projects include Multicast, Freq Modif and currently Normal Ones.


Lower Chakra (NM)
Family Moons
After several years of personal discovery through the practice of yoga, Adam Morrow sought the next phase in rarefied journey. That next phase would be the integration of yoga into his musical ventures. Lower Chakra is the harmonic sum of that integration. A veteran DJ and producer under the aliases Adrack and Konceptek, Lower Chakra created a new avenue for Adam to fuse his passion for downtempo and midtempo music with yogic themes. His sets are a journey of the Seeker, stirring a potent mixture of Ambient, Psy-chill, Kirtan, Trip-hop, and World Beat. Whether you’re cutting the dance floor or practicing your Asana, Lower Chakra is about living through yoga: both on and off the mat.


Mouseterious (CO)
Family Moons & Dubanimals
Residing in the Mile High city of Denver Colo-Rowdy, Mikey Fisher is a veteran DJ, Producer, Promoter since early 2001. When the timing is appropriate, the Mouseterious in Mr. Fisher comes out, diving into the downtempted, techno, melodic inspired genres of 2 Step, Garage, and even atmospheric/liquid Drum N Bass.


Eukarya (CO)
Djedi Templar
Eukarya is the guise of electronic soundscape artist Dan Irving. Highly inspired by the miracle of life, microbiology, dna, and the entire range of human emotion, Dan creates immersive worlds out of sound that often require a focused listening in order to fully comprehend the story or message encoded within. Taking the listener on a ride through light and darkness, love and sorrow, fear and triumph, dismay and gratitude, Eukarya becomes a vessel for self reflection and healing that is intent on facilitating a space where we can recognize and celebrate the mysterious nature of our existence.


Rose P. Griffith (CO)
BlueBear Lili (CO)
Derek Osterlund (CO)
Issac Carpenter(CO)

AudioPixel (CO)
Audiowaska (CA)
Snackman (CO)

Bonnie Claire (NM)
Lux Moderna (CA)
Rose P. Griffith (CO)
Shaun Parkins (CO)
Kristin Turner (CO)

HEDD SOUND SYSTEM • Noah Groundscore

March 1st 2014
Mt Princeton Hot Springs
10pm – 4am (Downbeat Spa and Pool Party)
4am – 8am (Cliffside Ambient Body Sunrise)

Tickets are now on sale!

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