Connecting our mind, bodies and spirits through healing waters and healthy practice supports our ability to endure transformational community experiences engaging music and the arts. Our goal is to provide quality electronic downtempo live performances on the pool side of one of the most beautiful hot spring resorts in Colorado, creating the opportunities for transformation and connection through immersive arts and music, while facilitating workshops and closing events which stimulate and nourish the human body.  After soaking guests are invited to the cliff side conference center to join us for early morning yoga and body workshops with live yoga flow Dj’s and fresh fruit breakfast overlooking Mt Antero as the morning sun rises.

Body Workshops

Vinyasa Bliss (Rose P. Griffith) – come unwind from dancing while being guided through simple breathing exercises and a gentle vinyasa flow suited to transition the body from the celebration of dance and music and continue the glow of bliss.

Thai Massage (Shaun Parkins & Kristin Turner) - Lie back and relax while your class partner eases you through yoga-like stretches. Then practice giving a simple Thai massage to your partner. Bring a friend or pair up in class. Wear comfortable clothing for free movement.

Twilight Yoga (Bonnie Claire) - As the quiet light of dawn gently warms the dark sky, come warm your body and soul with Twilight Yoga.  As we journey through the morning ambience, we will explore the depths of the heart through asana and guided meditation led by Bonnie Claire, accompanied with soundscapes provided by Lower Chakra. *Please bring a your mat and something comfortable to sit on.

Sunrise Ceremony  (Lux Moderna) - Through ritual and the conscious choice to meet one another in space and time, we initiate our sacred time together by fully activating the vessel of Our Being. In this ceremony, Lux Moderna will guide participants through a moving meditation that honor and activates our conscious relationship with reality. Together, we will invoke the blessings of the Spirits, unify as One Heart, offering ourselves fully to the present moment.

Merkabah Yoga (Lux Moderna) – is a unique fusion of Kundalini-Naam Yoga, Kabbalah, and the bass mantra music of Lux Moderna and DJ/producer Dubvirus . Together we will engage in practices such as Pranayama, Sacred Geometry-oriented Asana, Mantra (Chanting), Mudras (Sacred Hand Gestures), and Meditation.


Cliffside Ambient Sunrise (4am - 8am)

Cliffside Ambient Sunrise (4am – 8am)



Bonnie Claire (NM)
Bonnie Claire has been practicing and studying yoga since 2004. During the course of her journey, she has come to understand the transformative healing power of yoga. She encourages her students to explore the depths of their heart, experience their authentic self, and connect with their greatness. Bonnie is inspired by nature and the creative pulsation of life. With training in Anusara, her teaching focuses on connecting to the heart, moving with grace, and nurturing the creative spark within. She trained with Bea Doyle in Albuquerque, New Mexico and is a registered Yoga Alliance RYT 200 teacher.



Lux Moderna (CA)
Join Lux Moderna as she guides you through a series of yogic and meditative practices that emphasize the conscious, embodied alchemy of sound and light! Merkabah Yoga is a unique fusion of Kundalini-Naam Yoga, Kabbalah, and the bass mantra music of Lux Moderna and DJ/producer Dubvirus . Together we will engage in practices such as Pranayama, Sacred Geometry-oriented Asana, Mantra (Chanting), Mudras (Sacred Hand Gestures), and Meditation.



Rose P. Griffith (CO)
Rose P. Griffith began her practice with her family as a teenager in California. She continued her interest in yoga while studying art at UC Santa Cruz. Sustaining a back injury in a car accident, Rose’s faith in yoga was strengthened as yoga helped her to regain mobility. The practice became a daily habit as she ventured to India for an education abroad program, and she delved deep into the philosophy behind yoga and began to apply this in a holistic manner into her life. After graduating from college, Rose began live performance painting, a yoga of its own in the form of artistic expression. Yoga Tree in San Francisco served as her base for the beginning of the journey to the side of teaching yoga, studying under yoga superstars Darren Main, Jane Austin, Chrisandra Fox, Lauren Slater, Pete Guinosso, Jill Abelson, and Mark Morford, focusing on Vinyasa, Hatha, Pre~ Natal, and Restorative Yoga. Following a dream to transplant from California to Colorado, Rose is blossoming in her new communities, transforming as a yoga teacher, and excited to connect to exchange knowledge and inspire others to live their dreams. Rose enjoys the intention of yoga on and off the mat, and loves to share her interpretations of the philosophy, with a lighthearted fun positivity.




Shaun Parkins (CO)
From the depths of academia consciousness research, through the throws of eastern philosophy and quantum physics, Shaun has danced his way into the midst of creating a new paradigm. He is devoted to serving the community from working to inspire and empower disadvantaged youth. Shaun has found intuitive skill in restoring balance and alignment in the body, he has trained in the healing arts of thai massage and western bodywork as well as a variety of somatic therapies including yoga therapies catered to autistic spectrum children. Promoting self-sustainability and authentic self-expression are his goals to make waves in the current cultural narratives. Holding space for others to dream big, he can be found meandering the many artistic veils of transformation.


Kristin Turner CMT

Kristin Turner (CO) CMT
Kristin Turner, CMT has been addicted to massage for as long as she can remember and working as a massage therapist for the past seven years. She specializes in injury recovery and pain relief and has advanced training in Thai, Sports and Orthopedic, and Muscle Release Technique (assisted stretching). She has led Thai Massage workshops at festivals and yoga studios; she looks forward to adding hot springs to that list.