Subduction Zone 2.01 – April 3rd – 5th, 2015
with Lunar Eclipse April 4th

@ Subduction Zone Events you will find exciting yoga and body workshops to stimulate your mind and expand your bodies potential. You will immerse yourself in the stunning beauty and healing nature of  hot springs destinations. And you will enjoy, dance and mingle with world renown musicians and artists during our intimate immersive events. The event will feature live music performances on the decks of Cottonwood Hot Springs in the evenings. Enjoy yoga and body workshops featuring live music (yogatronica) in the Cottonwood lodge Saturday and Sunday. LUNAR ECLIPSE Saturday morning viewable from hot spring pools.


Love Amplifiedloveclass

The New Paradigm of Love

What lights you up? What are you ready to light a fire to in your life?  What are you ready to purify and transmute so that you may experience a love so deep that it liberates your soul and aligns with your loving YES?  Tune into your heart’s desire.  Feel it.  Embody it. The time is now…  BE it.  Live IT.  Love IT!  Get ready to experience and amplify it!

What will be experienced?

connect deeply and intimately with the highest vibration of YOU align, energetically, with your soul’s desire tap into the principles of Love Absolute and how to ground them into sacred partnership be the love you wish to receive

As we tune into the infinite, creative expression of love – to limit it to a sexual experience or rather, a destination of climax; we lose the subtlety of it’s sacred power and magic. The fire that burns within can ravage like a wildfire burning out of control or it can be a beacon of love’s creative intelligence. How we embrace this fire has a direct impact on our state of consciousness.  Join us as we embrace the fire within!


manynightsLaughter Sound Healing Circle

A lifelong vocalist and musician, Shawn Hurley was inspired to create the Laughter Sound Healing Circle as a result of a spiritual awakening and discovery of personal mission that occurred after a life-threatening experience; alone in the desert of western Colorado in 2008. For over five years, Shawn has created and facilitated local and regional events including devotional singing, Laughter Circle, Vocal Sound Healing Circle, Drum Jam events, the 432 Hz Crystal Singing Bowl Orchestra and Laughter Sound Healing Circle with regular monthly gatherings and weekend workshops in Colorado and Utah.  Since 2012, Shawn has co-facilitated the LSHC with Joseph Rolley as a featured workshop presenter at Building Man Festival, Illumifest Festival, Melon Nights Festival, Awaken / Redirection Festival, Sonic Bloom Festival, Unify Festival, Arise Festival, and Element 11 Regional Burning Man Festival.  In 2014, Shawn founded the Sound Healing Collective.  Shawn’s mission is to Create and actively participate in the Rebirth of singing for Devotional Singing (singing for spiritual purpose) into our collective culture.


YOGONG ( yoga + qigong)joe2

Yogong combines gentle movement of qigong with yogic alignment of the chakras to activate the lightbody.

Qi is a Chinese word for energy and qigong is the study of energy. The three primary energy centers of qigong are located at the head, heart and sacrum. These energy centers, known as dantians, are associated with higher vision, wisdom and intuition.

In the practice of yoga, the bandhas are physical and energetic locks. When opened they act as gateways to connect the dantains. Unlocking the bandhas and connecting the dantains opens channels to higher perception and awareness. Shawn Hurley will be playing crystal singing bowls to assist with the energetic alignment. The Yogong playshop is great preparation for Laughter Sound Healing!

Joseph Rolley has been assisting people with creating vibrant wellness for over twenty-five years. Joseph is co-creator of the Laughter Sound Healing Circle. Joseph is the founder of Yogong, a bodymind system for personal healing and growth combining Yoga, Qigong, sound healing and breathwork. He is an owner of Yoga West Collective in Grand Junction, CO. His clients have included Sting, Woody Harrelson and many other celebrities.


Aligning With Our Soul Purpose

yogoeye As the celestial bodies come into alignment during this eclipse, we are called to align ourselves with our soul purpose.  In this yoga practice we will come together through unified movement and breath,  cultivating openness and allowing ourselves be guided by our hearts. Staying grounded and open we will explore our truth and awaken our soul purpose. Bring a yoga mat and water.  All levels welcome.  


Finding Your Flow – Hoop Workshopweb-bonnie-36

“There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action,  and because there is only one of you in all of time, this expression is unique.” ~ Martha Graham

In this hooping workshop we will explore how to tap into that creative life force, allowing it to flow through our bodies, and how to bring that flow into hoop our dance.  Bring a hula hoop if you have one, and there will be some extra hoops to use if you don’t.  All levels welcome.


Subduction Zone v2.01 2015 Line  Up


Alia (CA) Electronic Music Producer, DJ, Writer, Founder of Femvolution

Da Terra Miega (ES via NM) Flaminco | Folk duo

John Stuart (WI) Vibrational Medicine | Amplifier of Love | DJ | Author | Modern Mystic

Maya Amack | 5270 |



Lower Chakra (Family Moons)

Miraja (Family Moons)

Mousterious (Family Moons)

Bonnie Claire
Adam Morrow
Rose P. Griffith
Kristin Turner
+ more TBA

Event Schedule
8pm – 2am Friday Spa Music spring side event

3am – 6am Saturday Eclipse Viewing and soaking.

12pm – 6pm Saturday Yogatronic

8pm – 2am Saturday Spa Music

6am – 12pm Sunday Spa Music

8am – 2pm Sunday Yogatronic

***Exact line-up TBA soon.