The mission of this production company is to work with our community, encouraging healthy lifestyle in all of our activities, bringing us back to our most natural states of embodiment. When taking care of our bodies, treasuring our personal vessels of space and time, we can embrace the evening festivities with a warm welcome at the Subduction Zone.

The idea evolved from a women’s soaking group, where each of the women are involved in art, music, science, education and health industries. Imagine traveling around the globe to a variety of hot spring resorts hosting events that engage the conscious and critical thinking participants to connect their healthy habits to their entertainment and creative communities.

At Subduction Zone Events you will find exciting yoga and body workshops to stimulate your mind and expand your bodies potential. You will immerse yourself in the stunning beauty and healing nature of hot springs destinations. And you will enjoy, dance and mingle with world renown musicians and artists during our intimate immersive events.